MASYOU | Energize Your BusinessOur promise is to expertly guide our clients along “the way to market”. Specialties: Top Quality Adhesives & Resins, Sealing and Waterproofing Solutions, Bathroom & Health Solutions, Business Software Solutions.

Top Epoxy Resins & Sealers

MASYOU is the initiator of QBUILDING, the Romanian partner of Megapoxy, Dry-Treat & other quality-oriented solutions.

Restoration & Cleaning

DOCTOR STONES premium cleaning, polishing, refinishing, repair & restoration of porous surfaces.

Wellness & Bathrooms

MASYOU is your trustable consulting partner for all those who want to enjoy the benefits water, well-being and relaxation.

Business Software Industry

MASYOU is the initiator of Romanian Business Software Network , a community dedicated to Romanian business specialists.